Political Risk Has Backed Off Humans From Reaching Mars: NASA Admin

One could have been reading this news from Mars if a few things had worked differently. Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, told Margaret Brennan of CBS that the organization attempted to get back to the Moon and the Red Planet in the 1990s and 2000s. however, the initiatives that were proposed in those days took too long and required too much wealth, escalating the political risk. He further stated that exclusive of that political risk, definitely Americans would have gone back to the moon and Mars.

Thus, to alleviate that political risk, the space agency has settled on to accelerate the timeline to within 5 Years. This is why the budget request by Trump administration was modified. Bridenstine states the space agency will have the sources to make traveling to the moon—trailed probably by a trip to the Red Planet—an actuality.

This might sound quite thrilling, but there is one more approach to understand comments by Bridenstine. He told Brennan that there are 2 kinds of threat in space travel: the aforesaid political risk and the second, technical one that, honestly, sounds a lot terrifying.

Likewise, recently Bridenstine also stated he shifted the human spaceflight head of the organization, Bill Gerstenmaier, as they have limited time to deal with the schedule and cost problems with the organization’s major exploration initiatives and still fulfill a 2024 cut-off date for taking humans back to the moon.

He said, “We are shifting to a new epoch in human spaceflight wherein the government is interested in moving fast, we are interested in executing things in a distinct manner, and I deemed it was significant to have new headship at the peak of the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate. I just deemed it was imperative to make this choice, make this modification at this moment.”